Your Guide To Perfectly Defined Brows

Over the last couple of years we have seen numerous models and celebrities embrace the fuller brow look, and who can blame them? A well-groomed brow can lift your eyes and frame your face giving a more youthful appearance.

There are also plenty of great and affordable products on the high street, so now it’s even easier to enhance your look and stay on trend. So if you’re one of the many women who still neglect those brows during that morning make-up routine, ditch the fluffy caterpillars above your eyes, by following our simple guide to perfect brows.

Before you can start playing with products it’s important to tame and remove those pesky hairs. Start by removing any stray hairs which don’t follow the main shape of your brows. Don’t over pluck, as this will create an unnatural appearance. If some of your brow hairs are unusually long, simply lift them with a brow comb, and trim them with a pair of small scissors.

Choose the right product
These days, the high street boasts many alternatives to the classic eyebrow pencil, all of which create a different finish which could be more suited to you:

• Brow gel or clear mascara holds hairs in place and adds definition to both full and sparse brows.
• Eyebrow pencils are great for filling in gaps and scars, and creating a sharp and defined shape. To use simply, draw small hairs in sparse areas with light, feathery brush strokes.
• Brow and eyeshadows can be used to create a softer and more natural look. Take a small amount of the product on an angled brush and softly brush through the brows.

Apply product
When applying your chosen product, it is crucial to start in the middle of your brow and work outwards towards the tip. Next, lightly fill in the beginning of the brow with either your pencil or brush, to create the most natural finish.

The final tip is to take a small amount of concealer and apply it around the edges of the brow, then blend it out lightly with your ring finger. This will clean up any mistakes you may have made, whilst also creating a sharp and defined final shape.

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