Starting a business may seem like a daunting prospect, but do you want to live wondering “what if?”.

Find out why you should bite the bullet and start a business:

  1. No more alarm clocks – being your own boss means you decide when you work, and if you work. You can decide whether to set your alarm clock or not. Just remember, though, that no work usually means no money!
  2. No more arrogant, ignorant, rude, lazy, world revolves around them, bosses. If you’re tired of pandering to a boss who does not have a a clue about working with other people and has the personality of a brick, then you can start to feel demotivated. Don’t let someone else’s behaviour affect your life – start your own business.

  1. No more unreachable targets – the so-called credit crunch has left a lot of employees doing more than one person’s job, for little or no additional income. As if that’s not bad enough, they still have to reach the targets of two people – or more. Running your own business means you have to work even harder, but the benefit is that the profits are yours…now that’s motivation in itself!
  2. No more pointless meetings – these days, people are having meetings about meetings and much of the working day seems to revolve around these talk-shops… And you still have to get your work done, and meet those unrealistic deadlines. You can cut out all unnecessary meetings when you run the show.
  3. No more “You can’t have your holiday that week” – if you work for a company that is inflexible, or where your team contains many parents with school-age children, it can be difficult to get holidays when you want or need them. Working for yourself means you decide when you work and when you take a break.
  4. No more “We would love to give everyone a pay rise, but we just don’t have the budget is year” – feel like you’re being taken for granted, lied to about company financial performance even though the profits are going through the roof? Working flat out, during evenings and weekends just to show how committed you are, and then get ,eft deflated because your boss won’t give you a pay rise? Working for yourself doesn’t mean you’ll be able to give yourself a pay rise whenever you want – but you’ll be closer to the truth, and you’ll be in control of how much money and profit you make.
  5. No more working longer hours for less money – these days working a 37.5 hour week is a luxury, especially since your colleagues will habitually stay late in the office, dragging out work they could have finished by lunchtime just so they can impress the big wigs. When you run your own business, you set the lace – you decide if it’s really important to work long I to the night or not.
  6. No more not knowing if you have a job next month – all this double dip recession doom and gloom hanging over your head take control of you financial future – start a business that you are in control of and start to enjoy working again.
  7. No more, no future – if you’re stuck in a deadened job, jump out now! Don’t waste your time clock watching and hating life. Retrain if you have to, but whatever you do, value yourself enough to do something you really enjoy.
  8. This is the best reason of all! Because, when you have your own business and you are your own boss, there is no limit to what you can achieve and earn.

Starting your own business is a great idea if you’re properly prepared. Having the right resources and formal training like a masters in management will go a long way to helping you to achieve success.

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