Arrgh! Another pointless meeting request! Tired of having pointless meetings about meetings, staying later at work because everyone else kicks up a fuss if someone actually leaves on time…or any of the nuisance things that tend to happen when you’re not your own boss?

Keep reading and you’ll find even more reasons why you should become your own boss:

No more alarm clocks…
…well, not if your children are old enough to go to school on their own. This one doesn’t strictly apply to most mums, whether you work for someone else or yourself, but it got your attention, didn’t it!

No more excuses to not getting a pay rise
When you’re the boss, you know what you’re worth and how much you can and should pay yourself. You no longer have to beg and lose your dignity just to get a miserly pay rise that doesn’t even cover a monthly latte!

You only work crazy hours when it makes sense
There’s little more annoying than working in an organisation that has a late-hours culture. People drag out their days, spend hours gossiping, sniping, back biting and then bemoan a hardworking mum who keeps her head down, gets the work done and…wait for it…leaves on time.

When you work for yourself, you’ll decide when you need to work overtime, and not feel pressured because everyone else around you doesn’t want to go home!

No more having to beg for the afternoon off for sports day or the Christmas play
Imagine being able to attend to the important things in your business and your life without the unnecessary guilt and hurdle jumping. And how about not having to call in sick to get the time off that you need to attend a school sports day, or to look after your sick child? It’s like being a stay-at-home mum but with (your own) money in the bank! Brilliant!

No more rubbish targets
Yes, some companies will set unachievable targets they know you will never be able to reach, and then move the goal post when you reach them. Why, oh why?

Now, you can dream big in your business, but you know that you won’t be able to sell a million bibs within a week with a £50 marketing budget unless a miracle happens, so you won’t be too upset when you sell a couple of hundred, will you?

Being self-employed means you set your own targets; targets that are (hopefully) realistic and you push until you achieve them and love it every step of the way.

You’re in control
This has to be the best reason to become your own boss. You choose who you work for and with, how much you want to charge for your services, what your working hours are, etc etc and you get to manage your life the way you want

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