Not a glamorous sounding as a WAG, football widows across the world know that the next four weeks will mean being ignored by their spouses or boyfriends, or just not seeing them for the next few weeks. It’s a true test for any relationship.

If you can’t beat them, join them!
Unfortunately if you can’t get away from the World Cup at home or at work, why let it get you down? Why don’t you try to watch the England games so you can get involved with the office banter and keep the peace at home? It won’t hurt…and this is a footballphobe writing!

Time to get out with the girls
If you don’t want to join them, then don’t! Instead of staying miserable at home, and getting depressed, why not book some meet-ups with the girls? You’ll have a laugh (and a grumble about football together), make light of it and go home refreshed!

Make it a party
so you’re tired of not seeing your better half because of these awkward football match times in Brazil? Why not make it a party on some of the key match days? Arrange a barbecue for those hot weekends, make a night of it with close neighbours and friends, or just have a night out to go and watch it as a group at your local…

Go on a spa break
Yes…there really is one place you can get away from it all without breaking the bank. I can’t think of a relaxing spa retreat that will be showing footie, so that’s one sure place to really get away from it. Get a good pamper and relaxation session going on while he loses his voice and sanity watching England…

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