For a mother who wishes to earn some money and contribute to the household finances, while at the same time remain being the lead carer for her children, then working from home can be a very flexible option. We at understand the reasons why many mums seek work-from-home options so they can have a better quality of life and also do something they enjoy.


There are a lot of online jobs that you can do from home that enable you to work the hours you choose and fit your work around the demands of your family. This means that you don’t have to miss out on any of your children’s milestone moments because they happen while you are stuck in an office somewhere working a regular job. Here are some ideas:


Virtual PA

Becoming a self-employed virtual PA is a popular job to take on as there are thousands of small companies and solo entrepreneurs that either don’t want to have a bricks and mortar office with full-time staff, or they want to operate a lean business operation where most of their admin work is outsourced to keep costs down. This is a great role to do from home and your services will be really appreciated and highly valued by your clients.


Virtual PA tasks can vary greatly from answering diverted incoming phone calls, running a diary and booking in client appointments, taking orders over the phone or via email, answering customer queries over the phone, email or or on social media.


Ebay, Amazon or Etsy seller

Lots of stay at home mums make a bit of money selling products online. These can range from sourcing wholesale or discounted products to sell on individually at a higher price, or for those with a creative side, making your own items to sell. Many mums that are into arts and crafts make wonderful ranges of jewellery, knitted or hand-sewn clothing and accessories. Etsy is a very popular online marketplace to sell your hand-made goods. You can do something that brings you pleasure and make money from your passion!


Online tutoring

There are many very well-qualified and experienced mums that can continue to utilise their skills by running online tutoring classes. No matter what you specialise in, you can run your own classes online to educate others. You could run live sessions where you Skype directly with your clients in real-time, or you could set up a video-training course that you can charge people to subscribe to. This is a very convenient method of tutoring because you can fit your video recording sessions around the needs of your family. Our founder and editor, Joycellyn, runs Geek School Tutoring, which while face-to-face, also has an element of online tutoring.


Freelance writing

Again, with freelance writing you can cover a whole range of different services, from writing blog and web page content for people, to offering a transcription service, or conducting internet research where you summarise results and include research links.

Many sole traders and small business owners either don’t have the time to product their own web content or do the necessary research to write up results, so your services will come in very handy!


Web designer or website builder

There is a big market for a mum with some web-based design skills to create web sites for small business owners and sole traders. Whether it is a local freelance fitness instructor or personal trainer to an independent coffee shop in your town, there are endless opportunities to build a client base of small operators who need an online presence. 

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