Whether it’s dropping your child at a nursery and hearing the screeching as you leave (and trying to stop the mascara ruining your work makeup); or feeling guilty that you have to miss your child’s assembly or Sport’s Day (yet again) we’ve all been there.
Feeling guilty about having to go to work – or wanting to go to work in the first place – is quite normal. However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Here are some tips to reduce the working mum guilt.

It’s okay to enjoy being a working mum!
It really is acceptable to be a working mum. Every mum has the right to choose whether she continues working after baby, starts a business or becomes a stay-at-home mum. It all depends on what you want to do so own it and enjoy it! Being a working mum does not make you less of a mum than other mums.
Know that you’re awesome
Being a working mum can often mean that when you are at home with the children, you really focus on quality time. You know you don’t have all day, so both you and your child can cherish the time you do spend together – and that can create even more Prescious moments. If you ask your child, he or she will probably say that you’re an awesome, inspiring mum – and that’s true1
There’s always a trade-off
This is one of the lessons that children can also learn – that sometimes, we have to trade off doing one thing for something else. You might trade off having the whole day to get your housework in check, because you’re working, but the other side to it is that you come home feeling happier because you are out doing something you enjoy – what you trained to do before your child came along.
Good enough is enough

If you’re the organised the then you’ll want everything to be perfect all the time. This can make the juggling that’s required as a working mum seem unattainable. If you want perfection all the time, you might not appreciate the efforts of others when you need to delegate (from hubby to cleaner). If this sounds like the story of your life, try taking a step back. Just because you don’t put the dishes at a 90 degree angle form the mugs and your hubby just piles them in unsynchronised order doesn’t mean you need to flip. What’s important is that the work gets done.
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