It’s about this time in August that parents and children alike are tiring of each other. The summer holidays (thank goodness!) are drawing to a close, and with it the end constant complaints, nagging, spending and ungratefulness.

While we parents can’t wait for September to rear its head, here are some tips to prepare your children for the start of the school year:

1. Throw a party
This might not be top of your list, having spent most of summer spending more money than usual, but it’s a great way to tune your child’s mind into the fact that they are going back to school.

The party doesn’t have to be big and expensive. You can organise a bring and eat, a picnic in the park or even a barbecue (subject to the wonderful British weather,of course!).

Hit the pound shop or charity shop for something unique to fill party bags – you don’t have to spend a fortune.

2. Bedtime
Long days filled with a later start and later bedtimes can put everyone out of sync, especially children.

In the last two weeks of the summer holidays, start reigning in on those late nights, so that your child’s body clock can get used to an earlier bedtime and an earlier start to the day.

3. Homework packs
Most good schools will give children a holiday pack of work that they need to complete and take to school when they commence in September. Has this been done? Don’t take your child’s word for it – make an agreement to sit down and go through all the work, filling in any knowledge gaps, so your child can start the next term on a good, sound footing.

4. Declutter
This is a great time to clear out your child’s room. To throw out old work, or file things away now means more space to store and more space on your child’s desk when they are doing homework.

This means the new term will get off to a great start and you’ll be doing this by creating a fantastic ambiance of clean and tidy living for your child and home.

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