Being a mum. It’s a full time, unpaid job. Replete with (sometimes) moody customers, a myriad of paperwork and an ever growing list of ‘to-do’ items, it’s a wonder any mother can find the time or inclination to go out and work alongside their domestic duties.

But work they frequently do and, as the Office for National Statistics cheerily informs us, the number of mothers working full time in the UK has risen from a quarter to a third in the past 15 years.

Of course, the state of our economy goes some way to explain this but even so, it’s a valid testament to the sheer determination and incredible multitasking abilities honed by modern day mums that so many take on the daily grind alongside their daily maternal chores. But exactly how do they do it?

Many mums who require greater flexibility opt for the self-employed route, taking advantage of various work from home opportunities to secure an income relative to any free time they may have. Some mums are lucky enough to have employment where flexi-time and compressed working hours provide a viable solution to the task of raising a family whilst earning an income.

Some mums are able to fit their working schedule around their partner, playing ‘tag-team’ to ensure the smooth running of the home. Even so, as any parent will tell you, housework can quickly mount up, especially when your boss needs that report finished yesterday, little Rebecca needs help with her maths and Sammie needs collecting from his friend’s house. Luckily, help is at hand, as you can find some sage advice on practical time saving cleaning tips here helping you save time and energy amidst an already hectic schedule.

But what about relaxation time? At the end of a busy week, once the kids have been fed, watered and put to bed, what could be better than a glass of wine enjoyed amongst the peaceful surroundings of a beautiful garden?

Easier said than done – maintaining a garden can be hard work, and even harder work trying to establish a stylish outdoor area that is both practical for a family and easy to preserve. But not to worry, there are a range of garden design ideas available here, which will inspire and encourage even the busiest parent. From temporary decorating measures to more permanent fixtures, working mums can be sure to find horticultural inspiration from a wide variety of articles, all available at the click of a finger.

The work-life balance can be precarious for anyone but as all working mums know, it is especially important to maintain harmony between work and domestic life when raising a happy family. Hopefully, a little patient research might help with achieving this balance, possibly giving busy working mums a chance to gain a little extra ‘you’ time. And that could never be considered a bad idea!

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