Love them or loathe them, teachers spend hours with your child and sometimes showing little gratitude can go a long way.

If you’re feeling the Christmas cheer and want to give a gift to your child’s class teacher, here are some ideas for male and female teachers alike.

For the Miss

Buying a gift for a female teacher is probably the easiest, especially if you’re a mum. We tend to have a radar for determine the type of person another woman is, and that goes a long way in choosing a suitable gift.

Some safe bets, however are:

Something smelly

born-lippy-lollipop-gift_lWe love a Bodyshop gift sets, as there is something for every budget. For a teacher who you just want to show a token of goodwill to, the Born Lippy Fruit Lip Balm Lollipop Gift might be just the treat, as it comes with five different flavours.



curious_prod_elemis_spa-light-candle_master_cIf you want to spend a little more, Elemis sells some fantastic skincare products to try. If you’d rather steer clear of skincare products, then you could consider the sumptuous Elemis Spa Candle with vanilla, orange and cinnamon spices.

For the Sir

Don’t shy away from grooming products for the male teacher. In 2016, the global male grooming market is estimated to be worth about USD 21.4 billion (that’s £1.4 billion), so you can’t go far wrong.

Elemis Christmas giftsElemis, again has an affordable range. We like the Clean Man Collection collection, which retails for around £25. It’s very simple, containing a shower gel and facial wash, inside a smart pouch.

If you don’t want to get toiletries, a good old book can always come in handing. Foyles for books are running a Christmas special on books. It’s time to pick your child’s brains to find out what their teacher likes for a hobby or interest and see if there are any books that can help.

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