Applying for flexible working can be daunting – especially if your boss has already tried to put you off the idea verbally. But a conversation in passing shouldn’t stop you from making a statutory application.

Today’s podcast gives a rundown on what you should do when applying for flexible working.

Some facts you should know before applying for flexible working

  • All UK employees have the legal right to request to work flexibly – it’s no longer a right for just parents and carers.
  • You should make your application in writing. This is known as ‘making a statutory application’, and once put in writing, your employer is legally required to seriously consider your application. They would need to have a business case for rejecting your application (e.g. loss of company business) and the law would require them to have an appeal process available to you, should they reject your application.
  • You must have worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks (six-and-a-half months) to be eligible. If you haven’t worked for the company for that long, you won’t be able to apply for flexible working – and your employer will not have to seriously consider your application if you do.

It can take three months (or longer, if you agree with a time extension for the decision-making process) before a decision is made on your application, so don’t expect everything to be finalised in a couple of weeks.

Free flexible working application form

You can use to make your application if your employer doesn’t have one (click on the pdf image):

pdf image





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