Between rushing to work and pandering to the needs of the children, catching a breathe is often a lot higher up on the list than spending time with your loved one.

But it can start to get very dull and mundane if everything revolves around other people and other priorities. So here are some simple tips to keep the fire alive this Valentine’s Day…and beyond.

1. Turn off the TV

Watching a DVD together on a cosy night in with a cup or glass of your favourite tipple is great. But, if you can barely bring yourself to make eye contact with your better half because of the TV and can only muster a grunting reply back to each other, then you’re turning into a zombie. Turn off the television.

2. Be spontaneous

On a rare day off work that isn’t because your child is unwell or waiting in for a delivery, why not meet up for lunch or coffee? If your spouse works close enough to you, why not make the effort to schedule in a ‘date’.

3. Date night is not overrated

Celebs are forever been papped going on ‘date nights’. Yes, they can afford the nannies and the glitzy restaurants, but you can make do with what you have at your exposure. so, be it the grandparents for childcare, godparents, or paying a babysitter, having a date night every month or quarter can make a huge difference. You can have grown-up conversations and have fun away from the daily grind. Rule of thumb – no talking about bills, work or the kids! If you’re stuck for ideas, do a search online – we love these ideas on Pinterest.

4. The simple things

A hug, sweet notes and texts can go a long way when you can’t find the time or the money to keep the romance in your relationship – who said romance required spending money anyway!

5. Take the children with you

Sometimes, with all the best will in the world, we can’t have couple time that doesn’t involve the children. That’s fine. It doesn’t have to be the passion killer. Long strolls in the ate afternoon with the children, or a picnic i the park can still be quality time together. Try to be as creative as possible to mix things up a bit and make it more exciting.

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