Apprentice star and new mum Saira Khan shares her business tips

Saira Khan, 38, a former Apprentice contestant, TV presenter, author and mum to 10-month-old? Zachariah tells us about setting up her skincare products company, Miamoo (

What was the motivating factor for starting your own business?
I have dry skin and and love using natural products. I was horrified to see how many chemicals were put into children?s skincare products and so decided to launch my own range of natural skincare products.

What are the best bits about working again?
My brain is engaged, I feel independent and it gives me self respect!

Running a business can be a mixed bag sometimes. What have been your highs and lows so far?
The highs have been getting my products listed in Waitrose, John Lewis and on, and birth of my son Zac.

The lows have been making some expensive business mistakes!

What is available to mothers now that makes a difference compared to perhaps a decade ago?
Fantastic technology that is value for money and allows you to work from home.

How have you managed to stay on top of your career with the demands of? motherhood?
I have an excellent childminder and a supportive husband. It?s all about time management and working long hours. There is NO shortcut I?m afraid!

What is your worst experience along the way?
No bad experiences ? I learn from my mistakes and don?t repeat them.

Has appearing on The Apprentice been of benefit in business?
Yes, because it has given me a profile in the media which helps when trying to get PR for my company.

Any tips for expectant mums, or mothers who feel that you can’t have a successful career and a happy family life at the same time?
Seek out role models and copy what they do. It?s an attitude thing ? why say CAN?T when you can say CAN!! We can all achieve everything if we put the time and effort into it.

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