Do you feel that you are lazy or do you find that you are just not motivated? Many people will tell you that their motivation is not there and this is why they just feel like being plain lazy.

While being lazy is often viewed as being a sign of weakness it is connected to your willpower. Or more appropriately put, your lack of willpower. So what can you do to improve this?

First, you want to understand the meaning of willpower. Merely put your willpower is the strength to carry out your plans, desires and goals. While this may sound easy enough, there are plenty of daily obstacles which crop up.

One way to overcome feeling lazy is to take a good look at what is going on around you. Is your home or place of work cluttered or messy? Being unorganised decreases your willpower. Just the simple step of putting items in their proper place and working from a clean and organised desk can increase your motivation.

Doing the above step has just increased your willpower. You decided on a goal, and you followed through and accomplished it. Now you need to repeat this process over and over by applying it to different areas of your life.

You may be feeling lazy because you don’t have a hobby. Have you become bored with your current lifestyle? Learning a new skill or taking up a hobby is a fantastic way to strengthen your willpower.

The process of making time each day or week to learn something new uses your willpower and your self-discipline. To reinforce this choice, you can schedule this time in your calendar or set a reminder on your cell phone. Then when you receive a reminder, you know what time it is, and you just follow through with your appointment.

Here are some easy things you can do to stop being lazy and start accomplishing things:

Set small daily goals

Little and often isn’t just a saying that the weirdly productive use. It’s a fact that if you start tackling your to-do list small goal at a time, you will climb that mountain! Go get ’em, girl!

Use a calendar to mark down your goals

And a diary for that matter. Let’s not get bogged down with whether it should be paper-based (a traditional journal) or on your smartphone. If you’re having this debate, you just need to start! You might also find some of our Filofax and Moleskine reviews useful, while you work it out.

Leave motivational quotes around your home

Beside your bed, on the fridge, inside the front door, on the stairs, at your desk, on your screensaver…you get the gist? There’s nothing like a big sister in a quote to give you that hug and encouragement when you’re about to (think about) quitting!

Cheer yourself on

Congratulate yourself once you have achieved your goal – yes! You did it, and you deserve a treat! /there’s motivation for you. So one way to actually start getting off your behind is to promise yourself a reward once you reach each milestone. And the beauty of this part of the process is that you get to decide just how you choose to congratulate yourself. Chanel handbag anyone?

Rinse and repeat

Repeat the entire process for a new goal – at this point in the game, you are on to a winner. You’ve managed to get your laziness mindset to transform into willpower. Now you just need to keep going, so just rinse and repeat! Well done, you!

By taking small steps, you will find it easier to stop procrastinating over things and to start taking action. Each action or step you take means your willpower just became that little bit stronger.

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