Brit bedroom entrepreneurs are on the rise by more than 50%, finds survey

More Britons are setting up in businesses in their spare time and from their bedroom, according to a survey released today.

According to their research there has been an increase of 34% of businesses being set up in spare time in the past 12 months. All of these so-called bedroom entrepreneurs revealed that they did so because starting a business is now easier, with costs a lot lower than a few years ago, thanks to being able to start up online.

The survey, by website, found the average cost of staring up a business online was just £325 (if the business outsourced the cost of starting up via the internet). However, the Mothers Work Club can show mumpreneurs how to set up their own online business for less than half that figure.

Where in the home businesses are started
The survey found that of those that started their business in their spare time:

  • 56% started in their bedroom
  • 23% in their kitchen
  • 12% in their home office or study
  • 9% started it in their garden shed

So, don’t feel sorry for yourself, or feel like a co eye amateur if you’ve spent many an evening leaning over your laptop while your other half snores away beside you.

So why is it easier all of a sudden?
The reasons they thought was easier than ever include:

  • 19% virtual trading online reduced costs of renting office space
  • 18% cheaper technology skills
  • 15% easier to sell products online
  • 22% said they hired a freelancer to create an e-commerce site
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