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start an online business as a multiple income stream during lockdown

What Can You Learn About Pricing From Your Competition?

In the second part of our series on starting a business during the Covid-19 lockdown and beyond, let’s take a look at how to price your products and services – using the competition!

When you’re trying to decide how much to price your products, there’s a lot you can learn from your competitors. While ultimately, several factors will impact how much you should price your products, your competition can certainly help point you in the right direction.

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Three business models you can use to make money from home

Working from home has become the reality for millions of people around the world, thanks to the internet. Our mum friends in the US have taken a lead on this, and it’s not uncommon to find a mother homeschooling her children while running a home-based business at the same time.

If you’re looking for a way to generate money doing just that (homeschooling aside), there are three models you can use to keep a steady flow of cash coming through:

Online Newbies Audio Course: get started with your online business today

Venturing into the world of online business can be a confusing and frustrating challenge, especially if you are completely new to online business, and aren’t quite sure where to begin, or how to put the many pieces of the puzzle together.

If you’re one of those people who have spent countless hours in front of your laptop doing everything possible to successfully get the right formula for setting up an online business, only to end up back at square one this audio course is for you.

The Online Newbies Audio Course will give you a clear-cut strategy for making money online by dissecting the most important aspects of managing an online business and breaking it down so that it is easy to understand, and (more importantly), easy for you to put into action.

Brit bedroom entrepreneurs are on the rise by more than 50%, finds survey

More Britons are setting up in businesses in their spare time and from their bedroom, according to a survey released today.

According to their research there has been an increase of 34% of businesses being set up in spare time in the past 12 months. All of these so-called bedroom entrepreneurs revealed that they did so because starting a business is now easier, with costs a lot lower than a few years ago, thanks to being able to start up online.

Are you really ready to start an e-commerce business? Here are give questions you should ask yourself

Starting a business is exciting and nerve-wracking. Doing it right will mean taking on a lot of responsibilities and making a lot of sacrifices. It will also mean working harder than you ever have before…but you knew that already, didn’t you?

For these reasons (among others), running a business is not for everyone. If you don’t have the right skills work ethic and commitment to operate a business, you’ll be in trouble before you make your first sale.

9 things you should be monitoring on your website

Every online business needs to know how its website is doing. That’s the idea behind exit surveys, customer feedback forms, suggestion boxes and other devices that we often see on big brand websites.

Without feedback from your customers and other benchmarks, an online business can take a quick slide down a slippery slope, without you ever seeing it coming, knowing why it has happened or being able to stop the downward spiral.