Staying helathy

Portrait of of stressed at work

5 Work-Related Stress Busters You Can Start Anytime

Stress; everyone experiences this from time to time. You may be so stressed out about your job that it makes you sick or can cause extreme tension in your relationship. Stress is a major cause of health problems, leading to job absenteeism and lost productivity. It can also cause other health issues and sickness.

That’s why it’s recommended you turn to some of the stress-busters outlined below. These are techniques that you can use, no matter what type of work environment you are in.

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Feeling tired all the time? Here are five things to get checked

Feeling tired is a common by product of being a working mum, and with all the juggling we do, is it any wonder?

But there’s a type of tiredness that is more than just a passing distraction, and can continue for weeks and even months before your body feels like it just can’t cope – even with more sleep than you usually need.

According to the  Royal College of Psychiatrists, this type of prolonged fatigue happens to one in 10 people, and women (unsurprisingly) feel tired more than men. So what could be causing it?