Do you hide at work to avoid looking after your child?

Many mums I’ve met throughout the years joke about it – but do working mums really go to work just to escape childcare?

20110819-082638.jpgAccording to a recent poll, thirty percent of 26,000 mothers surveyed by and said they hid at work to avoid childcare.

Natasha Kaplinsky recently returned to work after taking a break to be a full-time mum to her two children, saying that it was basically a lot of hard work being a full-time mum and that going to work was a lot easier.

I don’t think she is alone, and without making working mums sound irresponsible (which we are not!), and shrieking from our responsibilities, there is something rather relaxing about being able to focus on just one thing when working, knowing that your child is having fun elsewhere.

Being a full-time stay-at-home mum for many mums is the stuff of nightmares…and boredom. Many women get depressed at the thought of not being intellectually stimulated once they have had a child, and it’s no wonder that the survey results found mums confessing to this.

The question is, do you hide at work to avoid childcare?

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