We all have our little foibles, and bosses are no different. But how can you tell if your boss is just a little different or hates you?

boss from hellHow far can the comments go, and how schemes deep rooted are the incidents you’ve been receiving really go? Is it just a case of poor communication, or does your boss just not like you?

Here’s how you can tell if your boss hates you:

1. Criticises and belittles you in public
A good boss will speak to you privately if you’ve made a mistake. If he has to address the issues there and then, he’ll be polite about it and not make you feel like you are incompetent.

2 Laughs at your ideas
Your boss definitely hates you if she’s practically wetting herself whenever you bring forward an idea. Unless you work in comedy or some form of entertainment, where the aim is to get that reaction, your boss thinks you’re a prat if laughter is soon followed by a loud “don’t be ridiculous”, “my three year old could do better than that!” or something equally berating.

3. Doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about a project
So – you’ve been given another project and your handover from your boss seems incomplete…again. You raise this during the handover and are told…again…that there’s nothing to worry about. But when things start going wrong with the project, you raise the issue of missing information again and you get blamed for not being diligent enough. Sounds like a stitch up.

4. They clock watch
You arrive at 8.30am every morning, work through your lunch hour and just about manage toilet breaks, but when you’re late for work by 5m minutes, he makes sure you see him check the clock and makes a condescending sigh or comment.

5. Last-minute projects always land on your desk
So, your boss knows you need to leave the office at 5:15 so you can get to the nursery by 6pm. So…at 4.45 every day, he hands you a load of work that “MUST!” be finished before you leave, to make it difficult for you to leave.

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