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Are you a #bossb*tch or just intimidating without realising it?

Social stereotypes are everywhere and the workplace is no different! It’s amazing how, even in 2018, women as men do not have a level playing field when it comes to their expected behaviours. If a man is assertive in the workplace, he’s a great boss, or an asset to the team, but a woman doing exactly the same is labelled bossy, confrontational or a b*tch.

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How to manage a boss who is a draconian bully

You’re blessed if you have a boss who is rational and fair minded. But every so often, you’ll come across one who may be so difficult to work with you literally want to throw the towel in every morning – and that’s before you’ve even left for the daily commute!

If that sounds like your sorry state of affairs, here are some tips on managing your boss when they have the personality and tact of a goldfish:

Does your boss hate you? Yes, if he does anything of these things:

We all have our little foibles, and bosses are no different. But how can you tell if your boss is just a little different or hates you?

boss from hellHow far can the comments go, and how schemes deep rooted are the incidents you’ve been receiving really go? Is it just a case of poor communication, or does your boss just not like you?

Here’s how you can tell if your boss hates you: