Daily exercise is important – if recent news on the unhealthy lifestyles of Brits is anything to go by, we should all be doing British Military-style bootcamps for the rest of our lives.

However, many health-conscious middle aged women complain that they simply lack the motivation to exercise. But a little exercise could do wonders to improve our bodies, which in turn motivates us to exercise more.

Women in their 40s and beyond usually complain about flabbiness around the tummy, on the thighs, buttocks, and the arms – even the mums with the most perfect-looking figures have something to gripe about.

Here are a few easy workouts for health-conscious working mum who wants to target those tradition problem areas:

Easy workouts

Women in their 40s and beyond probably don’t exercise as much as they should.

Therefore, it is a good idea to build up stamina. Start out at a moderate pace. Practice the minimum number of reps. Work out about five times a week for at least 30-60 minutes. It might sound impossible to fit that amount of exercise into an already packed schedule, but keep reading – you’ll find something you can adapt to very easily. Here are a few exercises to get started.

This is one of the easiest workouts. Walking at a moderate pace exercises the entire body, strengthens the heart, and burns calories. Walk for about 30 minutes at a moderate pace. Add light hand weights (weighted ankle straps, for example) for a maximum workout.

One way to do this is to ditch the car and walk to school, if you live close enough. This is a great way to really wake up in the morning – you’ll be surprised how productive your day will be once you start.

Thigh buster
Middle aged women have a tendency to put on weight in the buttocks and thighs. Try doing squats to trim and tone that area. Stand tall, feet shoulder length apart. Lower the body into a squat and rise slowly. Do this 15 times to start seeing how toned you’ll become.

This is one everyone can fit into a busy schedule. It won’t take more than 10 minutes to do.

Abs workout
Firm up your stomach with this exercise:

  • Lie down on the floor mat or long towel, with your knees bent.
  • Press back down into the floor.
  • Place hands behind the head and raise your head a few inches above the ground while contracting your stomach muscles.
  • Hold for a few seconds, then lower your head back to starting position.

Do this 15 times, and you’ll start to see your pre-baby tummy come back to life again.

Shoulder press
Great for toning shoulders and neck muscles, shoulder presses are easy to do; here’s how:

  • Stand straight.
  • Raise your shoulders up and hold a few seconds.
  • Pull your shoulders back down and hold. Perform 15 times. Repeat.

Arm circles
These exercises are great for toning your upper arms and shoulders, and are just the trick for banishing those bingo wings.

  • Extend arms up and to the sides.
  • Rotate your arms in small circles about 15 times, swinging them forwards and then repeat 15 times swinging them backwards. Repeat. T

Perform these exercises five times a week for maximum benefits. See Backaroo for more health and fitness advice, including tips on how to avoid damaging your body during exercise and in your everyday life.

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