Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? At Mothers Wh Work towers, we love nothing more than the cheer and song that Christmas brings.

If you love Christmas but just can’t bear the thought of eating the same old Christmas pudding again, then you might favour a little twist to Christmas this year, with an Italian edge.

A few years ago, the Italian Christmas was a somewhat imported concept in the UK. Nobody really knew the wondrous world of Panettone and everyone kept on happily relying on Italian food as it was reinterpreted by locals. With the advent of a stronger “food globalisation” trend, we now see how several stores have revisited the Italian Christmas food tradition in their own way.

One of the most common errors that you can make when walking into your local supermarket is to think that what you’re buying is originally Italian is actually from Italy. The only real source of online Italian food that you can find around the UK is a food delivery service, such as Nifeislife (Nife stands for Nice Italian Food Every day). It sounds like a mantra to us.

We trust Nifeislife’s expertise in Italian food in teaching us what real Panettone is and opening up new ways of learning through the advent of Pandoro.


Panettone is a soft cake baked originally from Milan, and which was first exported around Italy and then
around the world. The real Panetonnes made by the “Pasticceria” (what Italians call the the pastry store) are almost impossible to find today. It is, in fact, the cake with one of the most cumbersome baking processes.

Perfect in milk, coffee or sided by a mascarpone cream, Panettone comes with candied fruits and raisins. Of course, large brands like Le Tre Marie (available from Nifeislife) have devised all sorts of flavours to try, but this is the most popular.



Watch the following video to see how you can create this Italian pudding favourite for Christmas:



Pandoro is a somewhat alternative invention. Originally baked in Verona, in the North-eastern

Pandoro is a true jewel in the Italian food tradition, with its soft buttery cake in a taller star-shaped form, many enjoy it as part of Christmas breakfast.

So what are you waiting for? Accompany your Panettone and Pandoro with a soft nougat with
hazelnuts, or perhaps with chocolate-covered orange zests or all those delicacies that
offers and enjoy the wonders.

Have an awesome Italian-inspired Christmas.

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