Every mumpreneur or mum who works from home is thinking about how they’ll better juggle work and the kids. And half term is only a few days away for many!

Here are some surefire tips to make sure you get as much work done as possible – while making sure you spend some quality time with the kids…and have fun:

A great time to catch up on school work
Not all schools load children with enough homework to keep children busy during school holidays – this is an easy occupier for children!

But if you work closely with your child during term time you’ll have a good idea of their weaker points work wise, and you could buy some educational books to help them fill in some of those gaps during the five-day break.

It mightn’t sound the most exciting, but we’ll move onto the fun things later!

Schedule in set times for fun!
Be it a couple of hours or the afternoon or morning, schedule in a set time everyday when you down tools and spend it exclusively with the children. This will be a time when even answering emails on your phone, sending a tweet it answering business calls is not allowed.

Let your children know what time this will be so they are part of the arrangement and know that until that agreed time, they need to keep themselves entertained or quiet so you can get as much works one as possible.

Invest in distracters
While TV has become an unofficial babysitter for many, not every child is content being sat in front of the telly for hours at a time every day of their school holiday…and neither should they be!

Get creative with your distracters – invest in some craft supplies and let them get their creative juices flowing. Anything from designing something to transfer into a t-shirt to making a cup out of clay can be an exciting project that you can stretch out over a couple of days.

Work with and around the children
With all the best will in the world, most days you won’t get as much done as usual during your usual office hours. So, try to involve the children where possible. Give them a project to do that can help you out…filing, helping you choose products, packing customer orders, there’s a whole raft of things that they can do if you take the time out to think it through.

Failing that, reduce your working hours while their asleep and leave those jobs that need your full concentration to when they’re asleep.

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