Creating the perfect bedroom for your child can be a bit of a challenge. Not only does the room need to be practical, cosy and relaxing but it also must pass muster with your little ones, who can be pretty tricky customers to please. 

One of the most integral aspects of any discerning small person’s room is the bed. There are so many designs to choose from that it can send your head in a spin. Room To Grow specialise in beautifully designed children’s furniture, and their range of beds are fantastic and incredibly creative. From Dinosaur themed toddler beds to London Bus Bunk Beds, there is a bed that will suit every taste and every room. 

However, sometimes the lack of space in a bedroom can make you feel that the more creative beds are a no-no, and practicality has to come first. But Room To Grow’s incredible range of cabin beds are designed to combat this. Not only do they help you; with storage, drawers and pull out desks built into the beds. But they also have the wow factor that your child wants, with secret dens underneath the bed, in a variety of designs, to let your children’s imagination run wild.

Designing or re-decorating your child’s bedroom needn’t be a battle of compromises. You don’t need to pass up stylish for storage or pizazz for practical, you and your little one can have it all – here are some top tips from Room to Grow:

1. Think long term

When planning your child’s room, it’s quite easy to get carried away wit the cute character beds, car beds and so on. But, they will be soon outgrown, and you’ll find yourself replacing them yet again. To avoid spending too much on bedroom furniture for children, think ahead a few years, so that you’ll get the best use and return on your financial investment.

2. Add colour sensibly

Instead of painting an entire room red, blue or pink, and having to redecorate it again in a couple of years yo can choose a long-lasting neutral colour and use wall stickers, accessories (bean bags and cushions) and clever lighting to make the room more colourful.

3. Use every corner of the room

Any parent will tell you how much children accumulate over the years. Even if you give away or throw out toys and clothes, they still manage to fill those spaces back up again in next to no time.

So, use all the space you can as storage – under the bed, on the wall, in unused corners. Looks for clever storage systems and boxes and shelves to make use of all available space.

4. Cabin beds and high spaces

For rooms that have limited floor space, try cabin beds and high sleepers like these from Room to Grow. Using these types of beds means that you can get storage and even a desk space in a clever use of space, without taking up the floor space.

5. Ditch the Bluetac

While it’s nice to pin up artwork and posters, blue tacked walls and other wall adhesives can damage wallpaper and paintwork. Add a it more colour and style with picture frames. They don’t have to be expensive – you can buy cheap and let your child paint the frames to add some individuality to them.

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