Every year, half the planet probably draws up a list of must-dos. You can guess them already, can’t you? The infamous bucket-list of things to do that will revolutionalise a part of or all of our existence. Nah!

Come the end of January, when all the guilt of slipping up on the faddy diet, ditching that impossible exercise regime, telling your boss to take a hike and whatever else, we’re either consumed with guilt (for a millisecond) or have given up completely. at this point, the gym membership, exercise equipment ad smoothie blenders are taking up much-needed space. 

This year, I’ve decided to ditch the resolutions. In fairness, I didn’t make any last year either because I write long enough to-do lists. Another list just didn’t seem necessary.

What I’ve come across that works, however, is drawing your life. I really don;t think this is another one of those gimmicks that will bore us by Valentine’s Day. Not if you draw it in a notebook you’ll use throughout the year, or on a piece of paper that you can stick somewhere.

Watch this short video to get a better idea of why I think this is the way forward. It’s a TED talk by Patti Dobrowolski (who works as a Visual Thinker and Goal Setter!). Patti highlights the three bold steps you need tot make to draw your (ideal) life so you can step into your possibility and actually act on it.

Pencils to the ready!

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