There are thousands of ideas out there about ways to make money from home, but a lot of them can seem highly unrealistic or involve elaborate schemes. If you’re recently unemployed or simply looking to make some money on the side then there are a range of realistic ways this can be done.
Some of them involve a bit of time to learn and develop a new skill and client base, while others can be set up and started quickly. Consider some of the following options for easy, and in some cases fun, ways to earn money from home.

Set up a service

For those with a love of animals, a decent sized garden and who aren’t the most house proud of people, setting up a dog walking service can be an enjoyable way to earn money. Whether you’ve got a dog or not, it can help you keep fit, earn cash and play with dogs at the same time. Advertise your services online or in the local media to get started. Or for those who prefer humans to animals, setting up a babysitting service will work just as well. Similar terms apply as they’re likely to cause a mess but provide an enjoyable experience.  

Get creative

Those with plenty of time and a creative streak can use this to write a book for money. The changing publishing landscape means you can  write an ebook and publish it on the Amazon Kindle store, set a price and see if it sells. There are also websites where you can submit reviews of unsigned bands’ music for money, though it may take a while to build up a reputation.  

Become a trader

There are many different markets out there and thousands of choices of what to trade to make your fortune as a trader. From stocks and shares to commodities, forex and more, you will need enough time to dedicate to the craft to become successful. There are many resources to learn from online and you can make trades using platforms available on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

There are all sorts of sites where you can sell almost anything. Clear out your home and put stuff for sale on eBay or upload some of the better holiday pictures you took to sites like iStock and hope a business buys them for branding purposes. If you’re more practical then selling homemade crafts, food and drink is another option. Consider which is best for you and start earning from home today.

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