High heels look fab with a suit, or can help to spruce up an outfit, but if you’re running around doing the nursery drop and/or school run before and after work, they can seem impractical.

But if you’re a mum who doesn’t want to get left behind in the style stakes, and don’t want to forever be carrying a spare pair of pumps in your bag, you’ll love our tips on how to wear high heels with dignity.

1. Walk tall
Posture can make a huge difference in how you feel when you walk in your heels. Naturally, we lean forward in them to balance out the weight, but it’s actually the worse thing to do if you want to be comfortable and not look like your preschooler in your heels.

Use your core muscles (tummy) to hold you upright, straighten your back and shoulders and see how you’ll start to glide like a London Fashion Week model on the runway.

2. Get your arches ready
If you’ve been wearing flats for longer than you can remember and go straight to wearing the latest six-inch heel court shoes, your feet will rebel! You need to get your feet used to the new arch and so practicing with shoes like this will help buffer the blow. Try walking around in wedges at home for an hour or so at the evening to train your feet,then move onto the heel at home before you step out in them.

3. Get some support
If you just can’t seem to get a comfortable fit inside your shoe, there are lots of insoles and plasters you can use to help make things that bit more comfortable. Whoever said no pain no gain is lying when it comes to shoes, and you don’t want to render yourself immobile just for fashion…do you?

4. Choose a heel you can walk in
If, despite your best efforts, if you just can’t walk in a six-inch heel, try a four-, three- or kitten heel. What matters is that you are confident in your heel and there are lots of fantastic heels to choose from online.

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