Alarm clock goes, you press snooze, oversleep, wake up and realise that you’re nearly half an hour behind schedule and start rallying the troops…it’s the story of many busy working mums’ lives, so comfort yourself with the fact that you’re not on your own.

All the rushing around might burn the odd calorie, but it really won’t help with your blood pressure. So, what can you do about it? Here are some tips.

Lay out clothes the night before
Yes, it’s just another chore, packing everything and may even seem a little OCD, but it will save you so much time in the morning. You might even get time to sprinkle some makeup in the time you’ll save.

Put things in a routine place
Car keys, purse, you name it, every mum knows the things they chase their tail for every morning. Why not put them in one chosen place everyday? Keep your keys in one compartment in your handbag everyday, so you know where to go in the mornings and you’ll save on stress in the mornings.

Leave little earlier
It’s amazing what leaving just 10-15 minutes earlier can achieve. The traffic can be so different, and you might not even feel like you’re on the school run because things are so cool and clam. Try it!

Set a bathroom schedule
Yep! Give everyone their set time to use the bathroom in the morning and boot them out if they aren’t finished. Agree with members of your family what a reasonable time in the mooring would be, agree on it, schedule it and stick to it. There may be some grumbles, initially, but they’ll pass.

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