Dressing for work during the summer months can be a real challenge. You need to wear something that is cool enough so you don’t melt on your journey into work, but that is smart enough to meet your company’s dress code. If you find yourself struggling to find appropriate summer work wear then these tips from style and image consultants colour me beautiful are sure to help.

How you dress for the summer at work will of course be dictated by your company dress code. In a formal office environment, fabric choice is key when it comes to keeping your cool and looking smart as temperatures rise.

Fantastic fabrics that keep you cool

Natural fabrics such as linen and cotton are the obvious choice but remember they will crease easily so you’ll need to ensure they are regularly ironed and dry cleaned. If you are off to an important meeting and need to make a great first impression then consider a lightweight wool fabric, it won’t show the creases and will keep you feeling cool too.

If you have spent the winter wearing black or charcoal coloured work outfits, summer is the perfect time to ring the changes by wearing a lighter palette. Navy blue, pewter and stone are all great summer colours. If you have to wear a jacket then look for ones with bracelet or ¾ length sleeves as these will help to keep you cooler. Short sleeved tops and camisoles worn under a jacket are also ideal. Most women find trousers or long skirts cooler than short skirts. Just remember that bare legs are always a no-no! Flesh coloured tights are a great way of giving you a little coverage without making you too warm. Remember; you can always leave your tailored jacket in the office and commute to work in something cooler and more casual.

Stay professional at work

No matter what the temperature a smart casual dress code does not give you permission to wear your favourite beachwear, flip flops or shorts to the office! Instead keep your cool by wearing long skirts and dresses whether that’s a maxi dress, a cute shirt dress or smart shift dress.

Strappy tops and plunging neck lines are best avoided; after all you need to dress for work not your holiday. Sleeveless tops are great as are those with short or capped sleeves, just make sure that the sleeve doesn’t finish at the widest part of your arm. Another great combination are tunics and cropped trousers again you need to make sure that the trousers don’t finish at the widest part of your leg.

Shoes, glorious shoes!

Choice of shoes is also important when the heat is on. Sling backs or kitten heels are great for a formal office environment, whilst a pair of gladiator style sandals or smart pumps are perfect for the casual office. No summer office wardrobe is complete without a few essentials kept by your desk, namely a smart jacket just in case you are called into a last minute meeting, a cardigan for when the air conditioning is blasting out and a mini umbrella to help you contend with those occasional summer downpours.


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