It’s not uncommon for children to develop mathsphobia (a fear of maths).

This fear can be debilitating and stop them from enjoying school or doing well in their exams, which is why it’s important to make sure your child doesn’t suffer alone. Here are a few ways you can help overcome mathsphobia!

There are many different ways to help your child overcome mathsphobia. If they practice at home and receive support from you, there’s a good chance their fear will dissipate over time!

Another way to combat mathsphobia is by taking them out of the classroom for one-on-one tutoring. Tuition can be especially helpful if your child’s fear of maths has been diagnosed as severe – or as an anxiety disorder, which means that they would need individualised attention in order to learn effectively.

There are also other afterschool activities such as sports teams and clubs where children interact with others who enjoy studying maths to break up the day a bit and take the attention away from maths work and the pressure they feel about tackling the subject.

Some extracurricular hobbies like paper folding or origami that can help foster an interest in the subject – they help with spatial reasoning, geometry and other mathematical knowledge.

Mathsphobia tends to manifest itself early on. In many cases, enough exposure at home from a young age may prevent future problems later on. It’s also important for parents not to neglect other subjects such as science and humanities because promoting a broad education helps children become more well-rounded individuals!

In certain cases, a child can receive counselling from a professional to help them overcome their fear. In the classroom, providing extra tutoring and material to increase their comfort level can also help. Resources are available for students with mathsphobia to learn the necessary skills in order to succeed!

It’s important to be aware of what your child is going through in order for you to help them overcome mathsphobia. There are many ways they can learn to enjoy the subject, but it’s important they receive guidance from you along the way. The key to helping your child overcome their fear of maths is by providing them with the proper support and allowing them sufficient opportunities in order for mathsphobia to become a thing of the past!

If you’re wondering how to help your child overcome their fear, it’s important that you be aware of what they are going through. There are many ways to help, and the best way to do this is by supporting them and providing opportunities for their fear to dissipate over time.

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