Comfort before style. Or is it the other way around? Why not both? There can be some pressure to constantly “dress to impress” in the workplace, but sometimes you just want to roll out of bed and throw on some sweatpants to make it through the day.

Believe it or not, there are attire options that can keep you comfortable while still meeting workplace attire expectations. It’s all about knowing what to wear and how to wear it. 

Rock the Top

Let’s get something straight: there is nothing wrong with coming to work with a white button-up and a sleek blazer. If you look good and feel great about yourself, that’s all that matters. But if you’re in the group that dreads throwing on a jacket for work and feeling stiff, there are several alternatives to impress your co-workers. Put on a nice pullover or light blouse and pair it with some of your favourite jewellery. If it’s starting to cool down, consider a turtleneck sweater or cardigan. Is spring just around the corner? Stock up on some bright dresses to add some colour to your life! As long as you’re comfortable and don’t look like you just came to work in your pyjamas, you’re probably going to be okay.

Lose the Slacks

Woman buying trousers in the store

General work pants might not be the worst thing in the world, but why tolerate them when there are so many better options? You’ve got skinny ankle trousers, which offer a slightly stretchy material for comfort, functionality, and patterns and colours. So you can grab a pair for every day of the week if you so desire. 

Wide-leg pants are also breezier than your average business slacks and maintain all of the great styles. Not enough? How about high-rise tapered pants, paper-bag-waisted pants, or–if you’re lucky enough–high-quality professional leggings? 

Find Functional Footwear

Heels look nice, but prolonged wearing can lead to soreness, discomfort, and in some cases, bunions or bunionettes. Luckily, there are plenty of other footwear options at your disposal that are more “foot-friendly.” Ankle booties come in leather, suede, faux leather, and several other materials that vary in design and colour to give you lots of different styles to mix and match. 

Flats are another great option that looks great and keeps you reassured about your level of professionalism. 

Then you’ve got loafers, which is perhaps the closest you’ll be able to get to wearing slippers at work, coming in many materials and styles. Feel the need to go into work with a different vibe each day? Grab a couple of pairs to rotate through your wardrobe and match with your work outfits.

You shouldn’t have to choose between comfort or style – it’s 2021, you can have both. With so many different styles and variations, there are many clothing options to combine to create an outfit that keeps you cosy and professional.

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