You’re blessed if you have a boss who is rational and fair minded. But every so often, you’ll come across one who may be so difficult to work with you literally want to throw the towel in every morning – and that’s before you’ve even left for the daily commute!

If that sounds like your sorry state of affairs, here are some tips on managing your boss when they have the personality and tact of a goldfish:

1. Criticises and belittles you in public
Don’t get defensive and argumentative – it will make you look rebellious and could land you in a disciplinary hearing.

If your boss is known for having no tact, make sure you keep good notes, record everything and keep important emails so you can present factual evidence to support your case.

2 Laughs at your ideas
Not every single idea you come up with in the workplace will be take forward – it’s just a fact.

Sometimes, there is a business case not to go ahead with your proposal that you won’t be privy to. But, if you feel this is intentional snobbery, look at how you’re presenting your proposal. Gather as much research on competitors, sector trends etc as you can and try to get the support of colleagues so you can present a strong case.

3. Doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about a project
Get smart – learn to ask as many questions as possible and cross check everything before you start any project or task so you don’t fall into any traps…intentional or otherwise!

4. They clock watch your every move
Make an effort to do things in time if you’re known for being late. Yes, there will be occasions when you can’t avoid it, but make it occasional not the norm!

5. Last-minute projects always land on your desk
If you feel swamped already and find yourself being dumped on again, ask your boss to prioritise the work she has given you. If they make the decision, you can’t be blamed for not prioritising it.

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