Broken frames, scratched lenses, lost glasses… The cost of being a glasses wearer can start to rack up when you are accident prone.

And if you have young adventurers in you house, who always find something fascinating to do with the contents of your handbag, then you’re more susceptible to accidents and the cost of paying for two tiny pieces of glass and a bit of metal or plastic can be costly.

Here are some tips on how shopping wisely for your glasses can save you money:

  • Get your eyes tested by the best, but take your prescription with you!
    When it comes to getting your eyes tested, we don’t recommend you going to a backstreet optician – get it done by your usual optician/optometrist so you know your eyes have been thoroughly tested. Just don’t be pressured into buying new glasses right there and then!

    You have a legal right to ask for your prescription and to then go elsewhere to buy tour glasses. Be prepared to get a lecture about the dangers of buying glasses online if you ask for your prescription…it’s a potential loss in sales, so don’t feel bad.

  • Go online for your glasses purchase
    Like anything, these days, shopping online can save you a lot of money, and buying glasses is no different. There are glasses being sold on the likes of Ebay, Amazon and other online retailers that will cost a fraction of what you’ll pay at a high street opticians.

    Ordering is even easier if you know your pupillary distance—the measurement between your two pupils. Knowing the exact distance for your face ensures that the centre of the glasses lens is placed directly over your pupil. The more powerful your prescription, the more important it is for the lens be properly centred.

  • Use your old glasses
    Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to buy a brand new pair of glasses just because your prescription has changed. Websites like can help you save money by putting new prescription lenses into your existing frames.

    So, now you can dust the cobwebs of those pre-baby designer glasses you remember buying and get a lens put into them.

  • Invest in a hard case for your glasses
    A lot of the damage caused to glasses are down to not putting our glasses in a protective case. Yes, they are bulky and take up space in your handbag, but think of the money you’ll save if you keep your glasses safe…!
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