Marketing: why your business needs it

Marketing is all about showing your potential customers why they are going to buy your product or service when there are so many competitors doing a similar thing.

That is the basic principle behind marketing, and with that clear objective in mind you can move forward and put together a strategy.

The hard bit is figuring out how you are going to communicate your message in an effective way to your particular target audience.

Marketing isn’t just one thing such as advertising. It’s everything that the customer sees and hears when encountering your business. It’s the advertising, the customer service that they are on the receiving end of, and the reputation that you build is dependent on all of these things. This is what marketing is all about – finding customers and making them want to come back.

Through marketing you come to understand your customers’ needs, and by doing that you can develop a strategy. You must use marketing to gain that all important customer base. You can do it by researching your audience, reviewing your current marketing methods and price your products at competitive prices. If you’re unsure where to start, take a look at what your competitors are doing it and try to mirror or improve on it.

You will have a niche market that your products are aimed at which is a good thing as it’s unusual to hit upon something that everyone in the whole world would want. By directing all of your efforts at this niche market you can really specialise what you do and make yourself a more attractive competitor in your market.

If you own a small business your marketing budget will be limited, but this is just a challenge for you to be more creative with your marketing decisions. Things like introducing yourself to local media and distributing leaflets are relatively cheap things to do. There are great offers on leaflets, posters and there are lots of other interesting marketing tools at affordable prices, too.

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