There are only so many hours in a day – 24 hours, to be precise, and with all the best will (and planning) in the world, if you’re a one-woman band, or run a very small company, trying to do everything yourself just isn’t feasible.

Being a mumpreneur or solopreneur can sometimes make it difficult to let go…your business is your baby, after all.

But truth be told, if you try to do everything all of the time, something will slip. Here are four reasons why you should buy in some help:

1. Outsource to grow

If you wanted to make structural changes to your home, would you do it yourself or call in the experts? Many a DIY programme has shown the disastrous consequences homeowners have faced when they’ve tried to do a DIY job that’s way too big or way beyond their skill set. They end up losing money getting things fixed, and it takes double the time – at least!

That’s what trying to do everything yourself could do for your business. Instead of focusing on the core business and letting it grow, you’ll be holding onto every task, which means you can’t focus on the business’s needs.

2. Cut your hours

Spending time doing all the work for your business means you work extra time. You’re doing your job, plus jobs that should belong to other people. Is it any wonder you don’t have enough time for yourself and as much time for the family as you’d want?

Most people dream of working for themselves so they can set their own hours. If that was your dream, you can still make it a reality, if you start stripping out the tasks that really belong to other people. Whether it’s the social media management, the accounts, sales or admin, don;t be afraid to pay someone (even if it’s for a few hours a week) to help you focus on what means the most to you.

3. It isn’t as expensive as you think

New business mums often shy away from paying other professionals to help because they think it will cost far too much. Times really have changed, and you can find professionals to help you at affordable prices – even for the lowest of budgets.

Favourite websites of ours are Peopleperhour and Fiverr. There, you’ll find people who are enthusiastic about their work and work on a project or task at a time, meaning you can get work done for a fraction of the cost.

4. Last but not least…

Outsourcing isn’t just for mumpreneurs. Smart working mums are getting help when needed, too. So, is it an impressive presentation that you need designed (everything’s all flashy Powerpoint slides these days!), why not pay someone to turn your works into something impressive?

Do you need someone to proofread your work? There are people who charge next to nothing to make your spelling punctuation and grammar dynamite.

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