If you’re anything like me, you swore after your first degree and the years of study that preceded it that you would not study again! If you’re still anything like me, you’ve been to more courses than you could shake a stick at, and have realised that studying never actually stops.

But roll forward a few years (or decades) and you soon realise that sometimes in life if you want to change something, you have to face your fears. If you need that final push to help you really go back to studying then keep reading…

It’s not too expensive
People often look at the cost of studying and decide not to bother. With the cost of childcare, the mortgage, utility bills and everything else rolled into one, it can be difficult to even consider adding another financial burden into the mix.

But ask yourself this: what’s more expensive than whiling away the years doing a job, or muddling through a career that you’re unhappy with? For the sake of a few thousand pounds, you could change your finances for the better in the long term.

No – you’re not too busy
Even if you chose to study full time, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be in college or university five days a week. You could also look into course times that are more flexible so you don’t have to struggle too much to ferry the children to and from school. It’s important to really make the most of your studies and there are many things students should be thankful for, including the flexibility that many courses have to offer for.

You can also decide how you want/can feasibly study. If you plan to keep working, for example, you could study part time, or do a distance course, so you can work around your family and work commitments.

You won’t be the oldest person there
Every course going has mature students – you won’t stick out like a sore thumb, honest. Unless you decide to dye your hair pink and yellow (like in your youth) to ‘blend in’.

I haven’t studied in years…I’ll be the class idiot
You may feel like it do the first lesson, but by the second, you’ll realise that everyone is trying to do the same thing – get a good understanding of what’s being taught. The young students will love your life experience and your advice, and you’ll see very quickly how easy it will be to et those intellectual muscles working again.

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