If you could have anyone as a maths tutor for your child, who would you choose? An old-fashioned professor who makes fun seem like the most boring and unachievable thing in the world? Or would you choose someone who makes maths fun, and simple for your child?

That’s what we were thinking about at Mothers Who Works towers, when we were looking for the best way to show busy working mums how to turn those poor maths results into A*s before September – and Carol Vorderman came to mind.

Not only is Carol known for working out the strangest looking sums on Countdown in seconds, but she is also a busy working mother of two children herself. Her eldest child is starting at Cambridge University doing a very whizzy degree, so if anyone knows about how to get children to love and understand maths, then Carol Vorderman does!

Listen to the podcast and get some tips to help your child succeed too! And don’t forget to enter the competition for Carol’s themathsfactor.com summer school!

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