In an ideal world, every employer would do their best to ensure that their pregnant employees are well looked after – or at least ensure that their legal obligations to them are met.

But, for many pregnant women, announcing a pregnancy can be the start of difficult times, with employers working out ways to make them feel so uncomfortable that they feel they have no choice but to leave. Things that employers should know better about doing when they have an expectant mum in the workplace…

Every week, we get sent emails asking if employers can force pregnant employees to take take their antenatal appointments out of their annual leave, and what to do if they feel like they are being pushed out of their jobs just because they are regnant.

Stay up-to-date with your rights whil pregnant and working
Stay up-to-date with your rights while pregnant and working

The list of questions are many, but they all have the same theme – employers are not making their employees fully aware of their rights!

The ‘Pregnant? Know Your Rights – Don’t Get Ripped Off in Your Workplace’ ebook is a must-have for all first-time mums-to-be and for those who already have children but need a one-time reference guide to their rights in the workplace while pregnant.


Your employee handbook only tells you what your employer wants you to know. The ‘Pregnant? Know Your Rights – Don’t Get Ripped Off in Your Workplace’ ebook goes into more detail, and tells you what to and start planning for during every trimester of your pregnancy, as well as answers questions that may be too embarrassed to approach your employer about, but still need to know.

The chapters contained in the ebook are:

  • What to do in your first trimester
  • Second trimester: time to tell your boss you’re pregnant
  • What will the risk assessment my employer conducts look at?
  • Third trimester: preparing to leave work…and thinking about your comeback
  • How much maternity leave am I entitled to?
  • How much can I expect to be paid during my maternity leave?
  • Get sorted before you go on maternity leave
  • Problems at work: where do you stand when the daggers come out?
  • What happens when you take your employer to a tribunal?
  • Questions you wish you could ask your boss, but are too afraid to
  • Resources

To download you copy, join the Mothers Who Work Club today and gain access to it and more.

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