We all need a boost sometimes – and why wait for someone else to do it, when we can do it for ourselves?

If you’re tongue tied when it comes to singing your own praises, here are some tips to help you recognise your strengths and enjoy them!

1. Take a self inventory

Lots of working mums don’t appreciate their skills enough. But the truth is, running a family develops some core skills in us that some CEOs spend thousands of pounds in training to develop.

Chief negotiation skills, mediator, time management magnate, tactful sales person…and those are just the skills you use to manage the children!

Make a self inventory list that lists all the things you’re good at doing. You’ll be surprised at how many skills you actually do have. If you’re running low on ideas, speak to some trusted friends or relatives for their host opinion about you.

2. Help others

If you’re short of a few laughs or lacking appreciation for all that you do, why don’t you help someone out? Having a giggle with a neutral person, ad feeling appreciated for your time and/or skills in a non-work or non-family related activity can really give you a boost. And the bonus is, you’ll be helping someone else out, too! That’s a plus.

3. Stop listening

Tell that negative voice in your mind (or your life) to put a sock in it. Just stop listening.

Sometimes, we can be our own worst critic – don’t do it. Learn to stop talking yourself down or out of things and enjoy who and what you are.

4. Treat yourself like someone else

Imagine you’re a colleague or someone you really respect and treat yourself the way you’d treat them. Would you compliment them about what they’re wearing, or how smart their ideas are? Well compliment yourself!

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