It pays to dress appropriately when taking the kids to school
It pays to dress appropriately when taking the kids to school

Our eldest started school yesterday and the whole family went to see him off for his first day…including one of his grandmothers – my mum!

My husband wanted to wear jeans with a smart shirt and I was not best pleased! There I was wearing gravity defying platform sandals, crisp white linen trousers and a smart top, and he wanted to wear JEANS! needless to say, we had a quick discussion about it and he changed his outfit into a smart pair of trousers, shirt and tank top. Perfect!

As far as I’m concerned, looking like the respectable and respobsible parents we are is important on J’s first day at school. First impressions count for a lot, afterall and we don’t want teachers thinking we don’t care.

So you can imagine my suprise when new children were being brought to school by parents who were wearing scruffy jeans, or outfits that don’t even look presentable to go to the local supermarket with… mums and dads together!

I’m not saying we should all rock up to to our kids’ schools looking like Victoria Beckham, but remember that your child has to live with your embarrassing attire, and if you don’t show them that they should make an effort to look smart when they ggo to school, what message is that telling them about how important being at school is?

This article in the Daily Mail
gives some much needed tips and advice on what to wear on the school run.

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