Shape up Mama! Fast-track yourself into a bikini babe

Vicky Warr, founder of the Fit Mums to be classes gives new mums her top three essential tips to fast-track you to bikini ready yummy mummy.

20 minutes a day will keep those flabby bis at bay
20 minutes a day will keep those flabby bis at bay

1. How to fit in quality exercise
To get into shape, you don?t need hours or a gym. There are lots of simple, body toning exercises, using just hand weights that you can do in just 20 minutes, whilst you baby is asleep. Exercises that use more than one muscle in one go like push-ups, squats and lunges are most time efficient and will tone you up quicker.

2. Quality not quantity

Make sure your technique is right when you perform exercises at home and your intensity levels are higher than if you are going for a walk!
That way you?ll tone the muscles as well as increasing your metabolism to burn more calories.

3. The smartest food change
Shape up benefits can be profound by just upgrading your breakfast.
By eating the right breakfast you will then set yourself up for a whole days? worth of healthy choices, fight cravings and get into shape. A Good mix of protein, carbs, and fibre will fill you up and give you plenty of energy until lunch. Forget just plain cereal like cornflakes and milk and banana, instead try a higher fibre cereal, like shredded wheat, with milk and a banana and hard boiled egg for extra protein.
Ready for some motivation to make this happen?

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