A couple of years ago, we put our house on the market. suddenly, everything started to look very outdated. The not so long painted walls looked dull, the kitchen looked like a decade old – maybe it was watching all the property programmes (as you do!), or the pressure of knowing that people would be judging us and our home by what they saw at viewings.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, here are some tips to help you update without breaking the bank:

The rule I used is that if it hadn’t been used for six months and didn’t hold any 9real) sentimental value, then it needed to go. the way I see it, if it’s been shoved in a box, cupboard or the loft for that long and there hasn’t been an inclination to use it, then it needs a new home.

The process of decluttering can be a lot less painful if you know that what you’re getting rid of will go to a good home. So, start giving them away to friends, family, neighbour – or to charity.

Think about your decor from a buyer’s perspective
You don’t need to be a property expert to know that making your home as customisable as possible will make it more appealing to prospective buyers. But while you’re still living in your home, it can be difficult to make everything look vanilla, losing all the personal touches that make home being home.

The fact is, however, you are trying to sell the property, and sometimes in life we have to make sacrifices. For the sake of a few neutral colours, you could make a few thousand more, sell your home faster so you can move into your new one and personalise it till the cows come home. It’s worth it in the end.

Getting to fixing
Broken door knobs, cracked tiles, holes in walls… these are just some of the things I picked up while watching property programmes. They are small details that make potential buyers think twice about buying your home. If you can’t be bothered to fix these, what’s to say there aren’t bigger issues hidden away that they’ll have to bear the brunt of financially when they move in?

The kitchen sells the house
Apparently, it’s the kitchen that sells the home. While we can’t always splash out on a new kitchen, chaining the cupboard doors can give the kitchen a newer feel, and costs a whole lot less than fitting a new one. Once that’s done, a good scrub and decluttering the surfaces will make your kitchen look roomy and clean.

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