Many of us simply want our house to look clean and tidy, so we use products like bleach to help us achieve this aim.

The problem with cleaning products that are made from chemicals is that they can be harmful to the environment and potentially harmful to you or your family in certain circumstances.

These concerns have led a number of us to consider switching over to some environmentally- friendly cleaning products, but the question many of ask is do they actually work?

A better way to clean

One of the first things to point out is that if you get yourself a steam cleaner like the ones made by karcher, you have instantly found a more environmentally friendly way to clean your home.

A steam cleaner offers effective cleaning results on many surfaces which is safe and sanitises at the same time. It also has the ability to disinfect with the high­ temperature steam that it produces.

They simply use water which is at a high enough temperature to produce a dry steam vapour, allowing the steam to clean things like your sofa and carpets without the need for any cleaning chemicals.

Check the labels

If you are planning on switching to some more eco­-friendly cleaning products as well as using your steam cleaner where possible, you do need to check the ingredients as not all of these green products have squeaky ­clean credentials.

Using the terms green and natural are great selling points but it might mean that the product contains less toxic chemical rather than none, in order to satisfy current regulations.

Look for manufacturers who are producing more biodegradable versions of their products and ones that claim to have replaced toxic surfactants with healthier versions. Other makers have pledged to use less phthalates, which are compounds that can affect the reproductive system and are added in order to provide a fragrance to their cleaning product.

Complying with standards

One way of cutting through the jargon is to see if the eco­-friendly cleaning product you’re thinking about buying, actually complies with worldwide standards.

Organisations like EcoLogo are trying to create a greater level of transparency by working with manufacturers in producing sustainable product specifications and ensuring they comply before the product is allowed to carry the logo. Check the label and stay informed when purchasing cleaning products for in and around your home.

Do green cleaners actually work?

Green cleaners go through the same trials as any other product. The idea is to produce a product that is effective as any non-­eco alternative. If you find a product that carries one of the logos associated with the major certifying organisations which are Green Seal DfE and EcoLogo and you at least know that the product has met a specific standard that is required.

Eco-conscious DIY

You can actually make some very effective DIY cleaners using household products like vinegar and baking soda. Check out some suggestions on how to create these eco­-friendly cleaning products yourself. The general conclusion would be that environmentally friendly cleaning products do work, but you could also create your own and use your steam cleaner. Just be sure not to ignore the user manual.

Eco cleaning products and methods can ensure a clean home whilst being as kind as possible to the planet. Leo Middleton is an environmentally friendly product engineer. He enjoys sharing his research and experiences online through blogging. Hi articles mainly appear on eco friendly and home owner blogs.

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