Staying smart: how mums can keep office, home and motherhood in check

Licia Ronzulli, MEP to the EU Parliament, recently made the news after bringing her young daughter to a vote at Strasbourg. Debate raged on every side as to whether we should celebrate or condone her actions.

Thankfully for most working mothers, working from home, or bringing home to the office, is much simpler, as the development of smart technology has made the world quicker, roomier, and better connected.

  1. Snappy Results
    With the rise of online shopping and home-delivery, time and effort has been saved on one of the longest and most dreaded household chores. Better even than same-day delivery, Amazon have now begun testing out drone-delivery. In the not-to-distant-future it may be that you need not even get up from your desk before receiving your purchases; so long as you remember to leave the window open. In addition to this, selling has become almost as easy since EBay have put the power of the market in the individual’s hands. Beyond a hobby, thousands of mums have taken up direct selling businesses from the comfort of their own home in record numbers.
  2. Space to Think
    First CDs and then chips and cards have made it possible to banish clunky and ugly filling cabinets from our working environments. This has improved the aesthetic of offices but more importantly allowed those who work from home, the ability to conduct their business with ease – and wherever they want. From the bed to the kitchen table to the sand-pit, mothers can work effectively with laptop, tablet or smart phone, taking the office and all the required data with them, and keeping documents safe from baby’s mouth and apple and pear puree.
  3. Keep in Touch
    With the spread of technology into our handbags, pockets, and palm of our hands, the world has grown more connected. What was once the stuff of science-fiction, is now an everyday occurrence with millions of Skype calls being made every day. Having colleagues in different streets, cities and countries is common practice. The working mother no longer has to feel awkward being the only colleague not with her feet in the boardroom. In addition, when on business trips, quality conversation and face-time can still be spent with children and partners back home.When away from home, beyond talking to the family, new technology is allowing mothers to keep their house in order. With the rise of the ‘Smart House’ wired with machine to machine technology, mothers can manage and track the various functions of their house – from energy control to security – remotely, and from a centralised point. As much as the office can be brought home, so the home can be brought to the office, which is just as important to the mum who works.
    And will also keep Dad from fiddling with the heating…
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