Stop being dumped on: FREE guides on saying “No!” and being assertive

Are you fed up with being dumped on all the time – everyone else seems to think you were put on this earth to pick up their pieces and make them feel better (children excluded, of course…)!

how to be assertive and say noThe start of the new year often means that we look at our lives and make a decision to change those things that niggle, irritate or trouble us. The feeling of being dumped on, yet always feeling guilty for refusing to help someone do something that is a huge inconvenient to us (and makes us feel resentful while we do it) can often be on the lust of things to change.

It may be that at work, your colleagues always expect you to pick up the pieces – projects that are or in your remit, making teas and coffees, organising mundane things…or it could in your personal life where friends and family always take the biscuit.

If you’ve had enough, you need to make a stand – learn to say no and not feel guilty about it. It really is possible to do, and you can do it in a way that even he most sensitive of recipients won’t make you feel like you’ve just turned their entire life upside down.

Here are two of our guides to help you start making changes – and enjoy being true to yourself:

How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty
How to be Assertive at Work

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