Sun’s out…eeek! Here are two quick fixes to tone up and look your best for Summer

Summer’s here…or at least the sun is out, and out come the summer clothes again…and a reminder about those problem areas that haven’t been toned.

So, how does a busy working mum get fit without reinstating that gym membership that burns a hole in your pocket, and never gets fully utilised? Two words: Zumba and hula hooping.


Zumba Exhilirate DVD set

You may have seen the adverts on TV, and you may even have attended a Zumba class, but if you really want to get more out of it but can’t sacrifice the time or money to attend more classes, then 20 minutes in the comfort of your own home will do just the trick.

We were sent the Zumba Fitness Rush Kinect for the Xbox 360 to put through our paces. It comes with 42 routines (10 of these we’re told are only available on the Xbox 360). The great thing about this is that it’s something that all the family can get into. It’s a great way to get even the youngest of children getting into exercise, and the routines come in a range of levels that will help you build up your fitness, and then go full steam ahead once you can keep up.

Now for the Exhilirate DVD set – these, again, start from newbie to expert, and come packed with dumbells to give the workout a bit more punch. We recommend the Rush DVD, which is a 20-minute workout and is perfect for time-pressed mums and anyone who gets bored easily with home workouts…(you know who you are!).

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Hula hooping

Remember hula hooping in the school playground, or at P.E. in school and loving it? Well, now you can do it and tone up your stomach muscles. The difference is that the hula hoop you’ll use is weighted, so is specially made for exercise.

It sounds a bit too simplistic to work, doesn’t it? How wrong…honestly, when you add a bit of weight (the hula hoop that is, not you!), and a few decades, all the gyrating and moving the pelvis really does get the job done, and it’s fun! Just see what the Youtube crowd are saying: Fancy a spin – grab yourself a hula hoop from Amazon.

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