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How to apply for a job when you’ve been off the market for a while

Are you preparing to go back to work when your little one starts school or nursery in September? Are you looking for work so you can get the social off your back? Do you hate your current job and want to find something else to do?

Whatever the case may be, deciding that you want to look for work is half the battle, so well done on taking that first step! To get the ball rolling, here are some steps to finding your next dream job:

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How to win the job war against young, cheaper graduates

When you’ve spent time out of work making the decision to return to work can be a daunting prospect. You may have tackled the demands of being a parent, a 24-hour job – but the office is a different game.

You may be worried that there are younger, cheaper,  ‘more employable’ competitors out there fighting for the same jobs. Someone who’s fresh out of university and up to date on the industry news and trends is unbeatable, right? That’s not technically true.

Five ways to irritate a recruiter when applying for a job, or at job interviews

Getting desperate to find a job can mean that many people apply for jobs on the off chance of getting an interview, during which they can blag their way through it. However, this makes the work of sifting through application forms and CVs a much lengthier process for recruiters, and scrapping poor applications and CVs becomes a nuisance…the same as you get irritated by persistent junk mail!

You could also be shooting yourself in the foot, because the same employer may advertise a job that’s relevant to your skills and experience later on, and they may remember your application to another (irrelevant) job and dismiss your application or CV based on that.