Looking for a job is like having a part-time job. It takes time and dedication to rewrite your covering letter and make sure your CV doesn’t let you down at the first hurdle.

If you’re thinking about applying for a new job or have sent your CV to recruiters than you can remember then you need to know these three simple tips:

  1. Being a job board snob
    Do you only apply for jobs on the most well-known job boards? You know – the Totaljobs, Monsters and Jobsites of this world.

    If yes, then you’re denying your chances of accessing other job opportunities that hundreds of other people aren’t also applying for .

    Some companies don’t advertise their jobs on the major job boards, instead preferring to use their own company website or niche job boards (e.g. an accountancy job board). You can also use out job board to find flexible working opportunities for the whole family – Motherswhowork.co.uk/jobs.

  2. Stop using your CV like spam
    Do you treat your CV like a promotional mailer, sending it all over the place in the hope that someone somewhere will take notice? If the answer is yes, then that means your covering letter and/or CV is not customised for the jobs you’re applying for which is a fundamental requirement if you’re serious about at least getting to interview stage. It also means that you do not follow up on your CVs sent out out or the job applications you make so you don’t get any feedback on your application (and will likely keep making the same mistakes again and again.
  3. Your email address lets you down
    While you were a student, using an email address like foxyblonde70@xyz.com may have been the coolest thing going, but you’re a grown up now and it just doesn’t look professional on your CV.

    You can still keep that email address if your wish, but set a simple professional email address for applying for jobs -something simple like firstname.surname@xyz.com is perfect.

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