Are you preparing to go back to work when your little one starts school or nursery in September? Are you looking for work so you can get the social off your back? Do you hate your current job and want to find something else to do?

Whatever the case may be, deciding that you want to look for work is half the battle, so well done on taking that first step! To get the ball rolling, here are some steps to finding your next dream job:

Be realistic
So you quite fancy working as the director of sales in your favourite handbag chain, but you have zero sales experience. Would you employ you? It doesn’t mean you will never get there – one day you will, but many successful people will tell you that they started at the lower level and worked their way up, so be realistic about what you apply for to avoid disappointment.

Do you have a passion?
If all you know is that you hate working in the great outdoors, and that you don’t like flowers, that’s not very helpful. What would be more helpful is knowing what you’re passionate about. What do you like doing? What are you good at? What burning desire for work do you have? Have you always wanted to work with children? Or maybe you’ve always loved the idea of working with the elderly. Whatever it is, you know yourself best. Put pen to paper and write all the things you like doing down and then see what type of job it best relates to.

Transferable skills
You don’t always have to start at the lowest rank when you go back to work after a long break looking after your child. Even if you are making a career change, there will be skills that you  have acquired and developed in other roles. Skills like being organised,  a team player and assertive can be applied to any job so don’t sell yourself short.

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