It’s official, Christmas is over, and we have well and truly started 2021! Some of us have still got the Christmas tree out (with everything that’s going one, clinging on to a bit of cheer is not such a bad thing!).

But there are some things we really want to get rid of – those unwanted gifts we just didn’t have the heart to give back, or regift. With the country in a national lockdown, it’s not even possible to slip down the high street and swap the burden for a gift voucher. So now what?

Why not make something useful out of the bad situation by making a profit on those unwanted gifts? A popular option is to sell them. However, you’ll want to make sure you sell the gift to someone who doesn’t know the person who bought it. For that, the internet can be a godsend.

Not sure where you can sell them? Below, you’ll discover some of the best places to sell unwanted presents.

When you can’t fake it, make some money from it!

Online Auction Sites…You Know

One of the best places to sell your unwanted presents is through online auction sites. eBay is the most obvious one and you’ll typically find it easy to find a buyer. However, while it is free to list the present, you will need to pay 10% to eBay if it is sold. So, you’ll lose a little bit off the selling price, although as the gift was free you won’t really be losing anything.

Another thing to think about here is PayPal fees. Most buyers tend to pay via PayPal, which typically charges a 2.9% fee. There are also dangers accepting PayPal payments so it could turn out to be a real headache. Having said that, for the most part, auction sites are a fast and convenient way to sell off any unwanted gifts you receive. 

Consider Selling via Amazon

Another online selling option is Amazon. Did you know you can set up an Amazon marketplace and sell multiple items for free? Like eBay, Amazon boasts millions of daily users.

You’ll only be able to list your gift for free if you aren’t selling more than 35 items. There may be other Amazon fees, however, so always research before deciding whether or not to sell through its marketplace.

Avoid Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has become a popular place to sell things you don’t want or need. However, you’ll also know that Facebook doesn’t always offer much in the way of privacy.

If you are friends with the person who gave you the gift, they could spot that you have listed it for sale on the platform. So, it’s a potentially risky move that could cause a lot of stress for you if there is a chance the gift giver could come across it.

Of course, if you aren’t friends with them, Facebook Marketplace would be a great option. There are no fees to pay and you can accept payment when the buyer comes to collect the item.

Try the Shpock App

This is a great app (not a website, an app) to sell your unwanted wares on. Whats perfect is that you can arrange a collection and delivery once someone buys the item. The buyer pays the delivery costs, so as long as you are happy with the sale price, it’s actually quite easy to sell on it.

One thing to watch out for, however, like Facebook Marketplace, is that when you register, you can connect to friends, and the last thing you want to do is cause offence about selling the gift. So, it might be best to ramp up the privacy on the app, so only total strangers can buy from you and see what you are selling.

Things to Consider

Before you list your unwanted gift for sale, there are a few things to consider. You’ll want to start by researching how much the gift sells for. You should also look to see whether there are lots of the same item for sale on the platform. If there are, you’d be better off finding a different place to sell it. 

You’ll also want to think about how you are going to ship the item. And when listing the product, make sure you use an original photo rather than a generic one.

Selling your unwanted presents can give you cash to spend on something you do want or need. The above are just some of the best places you can look to sell unwanted gifts.

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