Coming out of a long-term relationship can be a sad and scary time particularly if you have young children to look after, but it can be liberating and exciting too.

Once you feel ready to meet someone new, you might find that the world has changed a bit since you last dated! Nowadays, there is so much more opportunity to meet people that you would never have bumped into otherwise, thanks of course to online dating.

Online dating gives people the chance to scout out possible dates from literally hundreds of thousands of candidates. You can search for your perfect partner by age, height, location and anything else you can think of. Online dating sites give you the chance to view pictures and chat to potential partners first, before deciding whether to meet up in real life. From that point, it works as normal: if you click on the first date, great! If not, chalk it down to experience and carry on.

Many people are still wary about the potential pitfalls of online dating, concerned that they could end up meeting a crazy person! In reality, online dating can be much safer than simply meeting someobody on a night out. You have the chance to scout out their online presence first and find out a bit about them before deciding if you want to meet up, and when you do, just make sure you tell someone where you’re going and who you’re meeting. Meeting in a public place such as a bar or cafe is of course always preferable to inviting someone back to your home or going to their’s on the first date; it’s simply common sense. It can also be a much more convenient way for busy working mums to meet new people as you can just log on to the site whenever you have a spare moment.

However, if online dating doesn’t float your boat then how about speed dating? A fun night out and a great giggle, speed dating appeals to lots of singletons because you only have to make enough conversation to fill three minutes. Easy peasy! And if the chat flows, you can meet up again in less rushed circumstances.

Of course, for a more natural way to meet new people who share similar interests to you, why not join a club or hobby class? Whether it’s a running club, yoga class, painting lesson or whatever interests you, it’s a great opportunity to meet new and likeminded people.

For a more spiritual approach to dating, some people even opt for tarot readings to give them insight into their relationship destiny. However, don’t stay in waiting for that tall, dark and handsome stranger to come and find you. The best way for single mums to meet new people is to be proactive. Whether it’s joining a dating site or taking up a new hobby, there are lots of things you can do to improve your chances of finding love.

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